MOD’ART philosophy is inextricably linked to the values contained in the 5 stars of original thought:

  1. Use of natural materials, when wood is the main element;

  2. Ecology and health of individuals;

  3. Tailored customization by centimeter;

  4. Handmade;

  5. The importance of “product-quality-price” relationship;

Basing on these values and following the continuous changes in fashion and market, we build high quality tailored kitchens and furniture, respectful of environment which reflecting the tastes, needs and budget of buyers.

Mod’art’s Philosophy…In Short


MOD’...ART only uses water-based paints, vinyl glues and solid blockboard of 100% Italian wood. For us, man and the environment’s well-being is of utmost importance.


MOD’...ART holds a unique position on the Italian panorama. It only uses the water-based nano paints typically employed in ship building, guaranteeing resistance to scratching and extraordinary wear and tear.

Ultra-Fitted Kitchens

MOD’...ART is “freedom to design”, without set modules or rigid restrictions. Custom-made is the rule, not the exception.

Instant Estimate

Choose the finish you like best and multiply the price per centimentre by the actual length. That’s it all.

Beautiful Inside

Interiors are available in natural chestnut, RAL-painted chestnut, Stylish oak and Canaletto walnut, with the edge in the same finish as the door, all at no extra cost.


Aided by modern technology, our craftsmen make MOD’...ART’s creations unique. Prized elements, such as dovetail drawers or antique chestnut wooden tops.

Exclusive Finishes

Among the many finishes, the original Taglio di Sega, Frassinato Sabbiato, Legno Antico, as well as the varnishes, from the exclusive Zero Assoluto to Glossy, applied directly to the wood with an innovative construction technique.

Dismantle, Reassemble

The product is not glued and can be completely dismantled. This makes it more solid and easier to dismantle and reassemble.

Produced Within The Company

MOD’...ART, the Contemporary Tailormade Factory, carries out the whole production procedure, including painting, within the company, without using external suppliers.


Our staff will help and advise you throughout the sales process, from design to the cost estimate and delivery.


Enter the world of MOD’...ART and thanks to its immense range of sizes, finishes and colours, you can create a unique, truly personalised product. Dream, think, wish... MOD’...ART will meet all your desires.

Quality Control

All the kitchens and furniture are preassembled and photographed in the factory before packaging, to check product quality and correspondence with the order.